SEASON 5, 2012-13

Thank you for a great season!

See you at Free Roll (June 1st) or Next Season.

Standings Results Points and Cash BAPS History

Congratulations to Event #5 Winners

1st - Chad W. Taylor
2nd - Darla Holmes
3rd - Istvan Kovacs
4th - Nathan Montoya
5th - Sam Reynolds
6th - Gabe Pedroza

Congratulations to Event #4 Winners

1st - Mikhail Chirkin
2nd - Eric Kunze
3rd - Charrie Mullenix
4th - Gabe Perdoza
5th - Bob Brooke
6th - Dmitry Rossoshanky

Congratulations to Event #3 Winners

1st - Jerry Grigsby
2nd - Clark Brooke
3rd - Tim Gough
4th - Elvis Zornoza
5th - BroTrae Bullock

Congratulations to Event #2 Winners

1st - Nathan Montoya
2nd - Ian Jones
3rd - Valeriy Kutsov
4th - Robin Horwitz
5th - Mike Flynn
6th - Eric Kunze

Important Announcement from BAPS

Positive new changes to the guidelines

Congratulations to Event #1 Winners

1st - Joey Baer
2nd - David Smario
3rd - Tre Bullock
4th - Mike MacAulay
5th - Nathan Montoya
6th - Sulghi Hong


BAPS is organized exclusively for the Deaf poker community and is open to any player that would like to participate.

You can like us on our facebook page and/or subscribe to our annoucements.


BAPS is now organized by a new committee: Clark Brooke, David Smario, Joey Baer, Nathan Montoya and Chad W. Taylor.

Special thanks to SFDC for donating funds to BAPS to kick off the new season.

Good luck!

Tournament Schedule

BAPS Preliminary: August 17, 2012
BAPS Event #1: September 8, 2012
BAPS Event #2: Nov 10, 2012
BAPS Event #3: January 5, 2013
BAPS Event #4: March 2, 2013
BAPS Event #5: May 4, 2013


June 1, 2013